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Owensboro Insulators was founded in 2011 by Matthew Purcell. As a third-generation home builder, Matthew realized that Owensboro, and surrounding areas, could benefit from an insulation contractor with attention to detail, excellent customer service, and a high-level knowledge of building performance.

With just one truck and one employee to start with, Owensboro Insulators quickly established ourselves as the resident experts on all things insulation. We saw that there was far more to the insulation business than construction material. We were not only installing the insulation products, but were helping our customers achieve a more comfortable living space, increased efficiency, and lower utility costs.

The fleet and team expanded, and Owensboro Insulators began to provide not only wall spray cellulose and fiberglass products, but also spray foam insulation. With the addition of spray foam we were able to provide service to additional markets such as Henderson, Evansville, Madisonville, and many towns/counties in between.

In 2018, Owensboro Insulators developed a new branch of service, Home Performance. Along with providing tools and services to make your space more comfortable and efficient, Owensboro Insulators added ways to make your space cleaner and healthier as well. This includes air duct cleaning and air duct sealing. Partnering with industry leaders Rotobrush and Aeroseal, they have quickly established themselves as the premier indoor air quality specialists.

From cleaning your dryer vent to spray foaming an entire hotel, we will provide you with the highest level of care and service. Give us a call today at (270) 314-1691 for a complimentary evaluation and be on your way to a more comfortable, efficient, and healthier space today.